Wednesday, 4 June 2014

False lashes? Nope, it's Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara

So I decided to pop into my local Boots today to pick up Chanel's perfection lumiere velvet (review coming soon!) and while I was scouring the aisles for more make-up to splash out on, a girl from the Benefit counter approached me asking if I wanted to try out some products. I'm always reluctant when I get targeted in this way as it's obvious they're trying their best to sell you stuff. Plus I'm never tempted by Benefit products because I didn't like their foundation that I tried ages ago. However, I had to be polite of course and the girl was really friendly. So she tried out various products on my skin and to be fair, I was impressed by a few of them. Then, last off, she asked me if I wanted to try their mascara, again I just said yes to be polite and never expected to be so impressed that I would purchase it - but I did! I've been using my Maybelline falsies mascara for so long and thought that was good for lengthening lashes, but this is even better. Apparently they sell one of these every 10 seconds and I can see why - how have I never heard of it before??

Before - no mascara.

After - Benefit mascara

As you can see from the first photo, my eyelashes are hardly visible with no mascara but I was actually wearing my usual mascara (which is also a false lash effect one) when the lady applied the Benefit one and I could still see a huge difference. I'm getting used to the volume and length now I've been wearing it for a while but you get a big shock when you first see the difference that it makes. I felt like my lashes were doing a lovely flutter every time I moved my eyes!

The only thing that niggles me a bit about it is the fact that it can start to look a bit clumpy if you keep layering it but one layer should do the job. I also don't think it's waterproof as it doesn't state anywhere on the packaging but it seems like it's hangin' on in there when you apply it. Application was a bit weird for me at first as I've been used to the same mascara for aaaaages but that's just me. I think the wand would benefit from being curved, however, because I find that that makes mascara easier and more comfortable to apply.

I paid £19.50 for it today at Boots - I never thought I'd splash out on mascara but I think I may have to say that this one was worth it. I will probably use this on more special occasions, particularly nights out on the town as I always find that I need longer lashes but find false lashes uncomfortable. It's rare that I genuinely rave about a product but this one is definitely a keeper!

Gem x

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